Our Alpacas

We pride ourselves on our small herd of Huacaya alpacas. Intentionally keeping our herd small allows us work with our animals by using a hands-on approach that is especially essential with our young stock. At Plum Creek Alpacas, we focus on raising and breeding an elite herd of colored Alpacas with outstanding bloodlines to produce champions with exquisite fibers.

Elite Colored Herd

We hand-pick each alpaca to ensure an elite herd with varied and highly valued qualities and characteristics. From pure whites to bay blacks, we love them all!

Hands-On Approach

To raise champions, we give one-on-one attention to our entire herd, ensuring that their behavior and health reflects that of a prize-winning alpaca.

Spacious Farm

With over 10 acres to explore, our herd has expansive space to play and socialize with each other to keep healthy and in the best shape to compete.

What We Offer

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