Exquisite Fibers

Alpaca fiber is finer and just as  warm as wool. It has no natural lanolin and requires minimal washing before being turned into yarn. At Plum Creek Alpaca Farm, we sell unprocessed fibers with no limits on usage as well as spun yarn that can easily be turned into the product of your choosing.

For the artisan, our fiber is available in different colors, so spinners can work with the natural colors available without adding dyes or other harmful chemicals. Because we offer our fibers in a variety of different forms, we ask that interested individuals contact us directly through either email or a call to purchase our exquisite alpaca fibers.

All The Right Things

Our exquisite fiber is the result of farming best practices. 

Characteristics of Alpaca Fiber

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft, lightweight, and luxurious 
  • Durable
  • Static Free
  • Blends well with other fibers

Healthy Alpacas, Exquisite Fibers

We pride ourself exquisite fibers produced by our prize-winning champions. We credit the quality of our fibers to our hands-on alpaca approach that is vital to raising healthy and happy alpacas who in turn give us ideal fibers for both artisinal crafts and wholesale fiber purchases.

Contact Us for a Quote

For all inquiries regarding fibers, please contact us for a custom quote.